Fendi Menswear 2017 F/W

톡톡 튀는 펜디 맨즈웨어 키워드

펜디 맨즈웨어에서 특히 돋보였던 캠핑 체어의 Try, 비니 위의 Fantastic 그리고 Think, Yellow 같은 영단어 키워드들! 귀엽지 않나요?

It's fendi menswear collection. Especially we can check English keyword. 'Thnink' was etched onto the ankle straps of loafer. 'Try' was on the side of folding camping chair and many beanies include 'Fantastic', 'Love' words. Don't you think it is so cute?

글 : 임예성, 사진 : Gettyimages/이매진스, Indigital

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